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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 18:00

Douglas County write-in votes still being counted

Written by  6News Staff

The battle is over for Douglas county candidates who ran in Tuesday's election.

Many voters think their votes have been tallied once they slip their ballots into the ballot box, but each write-in vote must be physically tallied by one of the three boards in Douglas County.

Teams of three examine each of the estimated 50,000 ballots and separate those from write-ins. Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew explains the procedure.

"One person reads out the name, two people write down the names, and then tally them. Then they compare the two to make sure that what is recorded is correct," Shew said.

The grueling task takes nearly three days to finish during a presidential election, but board members are typically poll workers who are familiar with the process.

While tallying write-ins can be tiresome, the boards find humor among the ballots.

“We don't count Mickey Mouse or Superman, they have to be alive. But that can lead to some interesting conversations. There can be a write in for John Wayne, but maybe somebody just really loved John Wayne and named their child after him,” Shew said.

Jokes aside, that tallying write-ins are an important part of voting and are required by law.

Although most write-in campaigns are unsuccessful, simply because people forget when they don't see a candidate’s name on the ballot, the Lecompton township has a close race for treasurer with Keith Noe, a write-in candidate, with the most votes.

After all the write-ins are tallied, the ballots will be transferred to a secured document warehouse.

The county clerk's office conducts its canvass next Thursday.

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