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    Your window to interesting homes in and around Lawrence, plus great day-trips.

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    Lori Carson, Host

    Lori Carson is the host and co-producer of Free State Studio’s ‘Business Spotlight’ and ‘Home and Away’.

    Born with a natural curiosity, Lori’s background as a multimedia journalist includes newspaper reporting and serving as a columnist for the Lawrence Journal-World, freelance television reporting for 6News and freelance writing for various Herald Company publications in the Boston, Massachusetts area where she lived for thirteen years before relocating to Lawrence in 2003.

    Actively involved in the community, Lori is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Lawrence and currently serves on their Advisory Board. She also holds a regional management position with INTRUST Bank, working in Lawrence, Kansas City, Topeka and Manhattan.

    Lori’s ties to the business community serve her well as the host of ‘Business Spotlight,’ programming that puts local business leaders and entrepreneurs center stage and provides a showcase for innovation, information and inspiration. 

    The long running, award winning series ‘Home and Away’ takes Lori to interesting homes and exciting area destinations as she brings local viewers along for the ride.

    A graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island, Lori enjoys travel, decorating, music, movies, and spending time with her family. She likes sports and is a devoted New England Patriots fan.


    Kevin Dobson, Producer

    Born and raised in Wichita, KS (but don't hold that against me). Went on to graduate from K.U. with a degree in theater and film. From there I began work with the fine folks at the Kansas City Film Office where I was quickly passed on to Maplewood Productions and Universal Pictures to assist in the making of Ang Lee's "Ride with the Devil." I then returned to Lawrence and became a part owner of isoar Productions where we produced a comedy cooking show and many other projects including commercials, special events and short independent dog dramas.

    More recently, I have found a home here at Free State Studios where I am lucky enough to produce Jayni's Kitchen and Home and Away.

    My only regret so far is that I have yet to lift my own body weight, but I'm confident that through a steady regimen of procrastination it may one day be possible.

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